Elegant Cheese Dessert

Meet the Team

The People Behind JB Kitchen


Jordan Brady

Head Chef / Founder

Our Head Chef, Jordan has over 11 years experience working in Award Winning Restaurants and most recently as an Executive Chef for an independent pub group in Leicestershire. Taking inspiration from life experiences and worldwide cuisine, he uses local, seasonal ingredients to make the mouth-watering dishes we offer!
A love for food lies deep within Jordan's DNA. He enjoyed cooking with his family as a child, and his passion later grew through travel, where he savoured the tastes and textures of different cultures. These experiences, coupled with techniques learnt on the job make for a fantastic result!


Sarah Whittaker

General Manager

Having been a manager for a Premium pub group and having spent some time living abroad, Sarah has brought valuable experience and support to our team. She helps create the warm, professional and family-like atmosphere here at JB Kitchen, is an integral part of our team and a key to the success of our business.